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Angela Brust Locker

Angela Brust

Junior High Physical Education

Course Overview:

This is a 2 year Physical Education program designed to teach students the skills and knowledge to live a healthy and active lifestyle.  Through this 2 year course students will have several opportunities to learn, practice, and assess their progress in individual sports, team sports, and fitness development.   

Sport Units:

Every sport unit will include the history, vocabulary, rules and strategies used in the sport. There will be handouts given for each unit and a final written assessment.  In addition, the students will learn and practices the specific skills used in each sport.  They will be assessed on their skill development at the end of each unit. 

Fitness Units:

Students will be using handouts from the “Teen Health” book to identify and understand terms and concepts that related to our health and well-being.  They will have several opportunities to assess and reflect on their own fitness levels.  They will be given handouts throughout the year covering Health related topics and there will be a final written assessment.  In addition, they will learn and practice fitness related skills daily.        

Current Assignments