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About Ms. Boll-See...

I have been teaching at Golden Sierra High School since 1999. It has been a passion of mine to teach students how to become better readers, writers and learners, but more than that, I  hope to help students bridge the gap between childhood and adulthood. As a teacher of yearbook, 10th and 12th grade English, I recognize that these are critical years in a young person's life regardless of whether they choose to join the work place, the military or enter college.


The modern classroom has evolved in the past ten years, so I have had to grow and learn as well. In order to meet the needs of my students in today's world, I hope to introduce skills that will help them navigate through life. 


People in education often say, "The jobs of the future have not even been invented yet," so it is my goal to encourage creative, cooperative classroom experience where students can learn to "think out side the box" to help lead the way as citizens, as family members, and as individuals. 


I look forward to working with families and students to best facilitate success. It is easiest to reach me through my email with any and all questions:


It is also my practice to update my online grade book and send emails to parents showing assignments and grades.  If you do not receive this email every 3 - 4 weeks, please check your junk mail or contact the school office to update your address. 


Grizzly Pride! 


Marianne Boll-See

Summary of Curriculum for August 28, 2018 - September 4, 2018

September 26, 2017


10th grade English classes are rolling along.  We continue to make progress! 


Students completed the ERWC unit titled "The Sociology of the Leopard Man" analyzing the rhetorical devices used by this author. ERWC is curriculum that is written by Sacramento State university professors and other educators.  This curriculum prepares students for college level classes the rhetorical reading and writing non fiction units. The critical thinking exercises lead students to strong writing practice. The theme in this unit was conformity and individuality in society.  The focus question: To what extent does society pressure people to conform and at what point does this conformity compromise a person's individuality?  Students annotate the primary article which uses the Leopard Man as an example of someone who dropped out of society, living as a hermit, to fully express his individuality. Students enjoyed debating the spectrum of ideas presented by the author, and criticized his approach to the subject and tone. 


Three essay choices were offered on google classroom for students to pick from and to submit for 100 points. 


Nest we moved into a unit Animal Farm, by George Orwell an allegory describing the rise and fall of Communist Russia through a community of barnyard animals. Students were challenged to articulate the levels of the allegory and the historical characters and events they represent. 


In addition to the allegory, students learned about propaganda techniques used in advertising and historically by various dictators. We had conversations about the political spectrum, defining terms such as democracy, socialism, totalitarian, dictatorship, capitalism, collective agriculture, industrialization, utopia and dystopia. 


Punctuation, especially commas, quotation marks and colons have been part of our skill building routine.


A unit test for 104 points was taken to assess reading comprehension and three essay choices were posted on google classroom for students to respond to for 100 points. 


Currently, students are beginning a ERWC unit titled "Undercover Parent" that debates the issues of safety and privacy when it comes to parental concern over young people's constant use of the Internet. Students work in groups for prereading activities, rhetorical analysis, annotation of the article itself, and cloze reading strategies. 


The unit will end with a writing project where the prompt will demand the student comment on how the writer structured his argument, in addition to what the content of the article was. 


Thank you for checking in with my classes.  Hope this information is well received.


Take Care,


Marianne Boll-See


Student Resources

Directions: Copy and paste the following URL addresses and view the lessons. After each category, complete the quiz in class. 

Elements of Fiction



tutorial :


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Quote integration:


Annotating Guide




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