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Veterans History Project Link

Interested in earning extra points?

Know a U.S. veteran? Participate in the Veterans History Project by collecting a first-hand account of a veteran who served in World War I, World War II, the Korean War, Persian Gulf War, or the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. Learn more by visiting the Veterans History Project website. 

Missed the Late Work Deadline?

All late work should now be turned in. If you want to raise your grade, try earning History AR points!

Link to state World History released test questions

An Array of Modern World History--Expand Your Knowledge!

Below are links to helpful, telling websites dealing with issues throughout Modern World History. Use them as references in projects or for your own knowledge.  (This is an interactive history chart. Click on one of the categories, including science and politics, and you will be taken to a chart. Click on things and people to view a explanation/biography on a right tab.)  (Comprehensive set of maps regarding anything and everything that could ever be mapped, from meat exports, to sicknesses, to countries at war.)  (This link will get you to the Library section of the site, where you can search in a subject and find books that you can reference in projects. This site will also allow you to create a "project," however you must "enroll" to their site.)

George Washington University:  (This is a comprehensive, in-depth article on the Cuban Missile Crisis.)

JFK Library:  (Another article concerning the Cuban Missile Crisis.)

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