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Day  __Date                              ____________Time

M          3/11        @ Rio Vista                       3:30

M         3/18         @ Linden                          3:30

M         3/25         @ Highlands                    3:30

M         4/1           @ Rio Vista                       3:30

T           4/9           @ Linden                          3:30

TH        4/11   SDL League Meet @ Highlands    TBD

TH          5/2         @ Tokay (Girls)                 TBD

F             5/3          @ Tokay (Boys)                TBD


SCHOOL MASCOT:             Grizzly

SCHOOL COLORS:              Black/Gold/White

VARSITY COACH:               Tracey Bakewell

PRINCIPAL:                          Jeremy Meyers

ATHLETIC DIRECTOR:        Keith Bush (530) 333-8334

ADDRESS                               P.O. Box 175

                                                5101 Garden Valley Road

Garden Valley, CA  95633                                          (530)333-8330

Swim Team Update By Magdalena Nah- Aquino


Golden Sierra’s swim team has been practicing for four weeks. The team is doing amazing, and we are improving each day of practice. Our first meet is Monday, March 11. I do not know where yet, but once I find out I will write another article with all that information. I interviewed Raena Cole about the future swim meet.  I asked her who she thought is going to be really good at the meet. “ I think that us as a whole team will do extraordinary.” I really enjoyed the part where she explained where everyone will do amazing. So if you think you would want to join the swim team make sure to sign up next year!