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Please bring your boxtops to any office or the library to support our fiction collection!


Links to Digital Tools

Create and share visual ideas online



Make the web tell a story by collecting posts, music, pictures and news from across the web


Google Chrome

Use your student account to log in and have access to docs, drive, sheets, forms and more!



Create interactive presentations in this web-hosted presentation builder



Online presentation build that allows you to screen shot and record a voice-over.  Very simple to use!



Best Apps to Share a Presentation

Blog Tutorial on Presentation Options

A great blog post with tutorial links for a variety of presentation options

Library Media Center

Our Library Media Center Mission

     The mission of Golden Sierra Junior Senior High School Media Center is to ensure that students are effective users of information and ideas through the support and enrichment of curriculum and personal interests.  With equitable access to a teacher librarian, current technologies and materials, practical experiences, relevant programs, instruction and access to digital tools, students will learn to access, evaluate and use information effectively. Providing these experiences will help students to become independent, responsible, lifelong learners prepared for the challenges of the 21st century.

The Information Hub of the High School

The Golden Sierra High School library strives to be a place where students learn to:

Recognize the need for information

Formulate appropriate research questions

Identify and locate a variety of resources online and in other formats using effective search strategies

Retrieve information in a timely, safe, and responsible manner

Evaluate and analyze information

Independently pursue information to become lifelong learners

(from the 2010 California State Library Standards)

Reference Resources

This  site will connect you with experts in a variety of fields who have agreed to answer your questions free of charge.

In addition to helping you find spellings and definitions of words, this site gives you tips on how to use words properly and contains a new “Word of the Day” for you to learn about each day.

The IPL (Internet Public Library) contains virtual stacks of reference information including almanacs and geography resources. IPL librarians are also available to answer any questions you have while using their site.

This TeenSpace portion of the IPL’s Web site contains resources for college and career advice as well as homework resources by subject.

This site is a free virtual resource center that contains links to the best library and reference sites on the Internet, including the Library of Congress and Encyclopedia Britannica. In addition, you can search for science project ideas, ask homework questions, search full-text publications and much more.

This site contains an encyclopedia and an almanac as well as a directory of thousands of Web sites covering a variety of topics.

This site will help you find synonyms and antonyms for words and also contains links to word games such as crossword puzzles and word searches.

Social Studies

CIA Factbook

Library of Congress Country Studies

BBC Religions

Hyperhistory Online

The Enlightenment

Digital History (American History)

Fordham University Internet History Sourcebook Projects (World History)

Ask a Historian - email questions and get authoritative responses


Perdue writing lab provides information on writing standards and formatting questions.

This site contains a grammar and style guide, detailed descriptions of the parts of speech and their uses, suggestions for writing better and stronger sentences and tips to help make you a better speller.

In addition to containing information on American literature, English literature and world literature, this site contains sections on folklore and mythology and an encyclopedia of literary terms.

Now hear this! You will want to visit this site if you need help writing speeches or conducting interviews. There is also a link that will help you improve your listening skills.

Want to become a better writer? This site can help. It takes you step-by-step through the writing process and gives you suggestions for writing various types of documents, from letters and book reports to speeches and research papers.

This site from the Academy of American Poets provides biographies of many of the world’s greatest poets and highlights their greatest works. In addition, the site contains writing tips, a forum, and information on how to get your own poetry published.

This site provides in depth information about Shakespeare and the arts.  Its goal is to 'Advance knowledge and the arts"

Information about literature, culture and history during Victorian times.

Links you to the Sherlock Holmes Museum



Incredible @rt Department

Post your artworks on the world's largest online kids' art museum


U.S. Geological Survey web site (includes online lectures on topics of interest)

The Union of Concerned Scientists

This web site provides scientific infiormation on our most pressing environmental issues

Mathematics and Data Analysis

Wolfram Alpha is a remarkable web site that crunches numbers in ways you never thought possible.  Check out its extraordinary power!

Khan academy: Web lessons for math 

Sample Free College Courses

Open Yale Courses

Provides free and open access to a selection of introductory courses taught by distinguished teachers and scholars at Yale University.  The aim of the project is to expand access to educational materials for all who wish to learn.

UC Berkeley Webcast courses

Audio (and some video) lectures in UC Berkeley undergraduate courses.

Open University, England

Access to basic materials for a range of college courses.   Through the text-only access you can get the skeleton of ideas for entire college classes.

Contact Angela Schroeder  Angela Schroeder Librarian / English / Activities

Link to our online subscription

Test Prep Resources Provided by Chegg


SAT Test Prep

ACT Test Prep

Golden Sierra High Library Catalog

Connect to the high school library catalog! You can also use your school issued Google email and create your own password to hold, reserve and renew materials. 


El Dorado County Library: Resources for Coursework and ebooks


Read On!

Project Gutenberg: Free ebooks