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  • Three-ring binder, which can be shared with other courses
  • Loose-leaf lined paper
  • Composition Book or spiral notebook
  • #2 pencils
  • Blue/black ink pens
  • Post-its
  • Thumb Drive


What Parents Should Know about Common Core

Information to help parents understand common core standards



Student Resources

Perdue writing lab provides information on writing standards and formatting questions.

This site contains a grammar and style guide, detailed descriptions of the parts of speech and their uses, suggestions for writing better and stronger sentences and tips to help make you a better speller.

In addition to containing information on American literature, English literature and world literature, this site contains sections on folklore and mythology and an encyclopedia of literary terms.

Now hear this! You will want to visit this site if you need help writing speeches or conducting interviews. There is also a link that will help you improve your listening skills.

Want to become a better writer? This site can help. It takes you step-by-step through the writing process and gives you suggestions for writing various types of documents, from letters and book reports to speeches and research papers.

This site from the Academy of American Poets provides biographies of many of the world’s greatest poets and highlights their greatest works. In addition, the site contains writing tips, a forum, and information on how to get your own poetry published.

This site provides in depth information about Shakespeare and the arts.  Its goal is to 'Advance knowledge and the arts"

Information about literature, culture and history during Victorian times.

Links you to the Sherlock Holmes Museum

Contact Marianne Boll-See  Marianne Boll-See English / Yearbook
Contact Terri Courtwright  Terri Courtwright English / Drama
Contact Ed Larson  Ed Larson English / Journalism / Coach
Contact Bill Sammons  Bill Sammons (530) 333-8350 English
Contact Angela Schroeder  Angela Schroeder Librarian / English / Activities

Why Read?

A simple top ten list about the benefits of reading


8 Science-Backed Reasons to Read

Reasons why it is still important to read real books


21st Century Literacies

What are 21st century literacies?


Common Core State Standards

A reference to English Language Arts Standards