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Academic Counselor
Contact Samantha Jacoby  Samantha Jacoby Counselor
Contact Paige White  Paige White Counselor

Off Campus ROP Classes

Golden Sierra students may choose between Central Sierra ROP courses or 49er ROP Courses. Each programs requires the student to look online for information on class availability and their application process.

Please go to the following websites  49er ROP/CTE Works or Central Sierra ROP/CTE  for information and applications. 

Academic Counseling

High School Course Offerings

Course Offerings


Golden Sierra Academic Counselors

Our students are assigned counselors based on their grade levels.  

Grades 7-9  Samantha Jacoby

Grades 10-12  Paige White

Advanced Education Classes through Folsom Lake College

Juniors and Seniors are eligible to take Classes through Folsom Lake College. The application process is available online here.