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Business is Luxury

My parents happen to be in a very interesting line of work. Here in California there aren't too many jobs in the state government that are easily obtainable. My parents are in the states personal ...more

Pet Grooming by Jairsen Aitkens

My parents own a small business in Georgetown, CA. Their business consists of pet grooming, and bathing. They accept small dogs, large dogs, cats, and other animals.

They began last year in late ...more

Progressive Insurance: By Mason Ziegler

Jennifer Ziegler is currently working for Progressive Insurance as a claims specialist lead.

When asked what Jennifer does on a day to day basis as a claims specialist lead she said, “I ...more

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency on the Rise By John MacLatchie

In the past 5 years cryptocurrency, more specifically bitcoin has been on the rise within the world economy. For those who don’t know, bitcoin is the world's first currency system that is not ...more

Bear Facts

Florida School Shooting By: Kassandra Richert-GSHS



There has been a shooting in Parkland, Florida that took place on February 14th, 2018 or better known as Valentines day. The school had been going through their normal day when former student Nikolas Cruz came to the school and “started shooting the students” as he stated in his confession.

The horrific event took place at around 2:20pm. Cruz took an uber to the school and brought his AR-15 Rifle. He then entered 5 classrooms and shot the students inside. Whilst Cruz was shooting, Coach Aaron Feis died protecting the students he taught and coached for years. Feis stepped in front of the students taking multiple bullets before tragically passing away. He is now considered a hero to us all.

When the massacre finally ended, there was a total of 17 people killed and still counting. It is moments like these where we-as the American people must come together to stop these horrific events from occurring.

17 Killed at a High School in Florida by Amanda Lamparter

On Wednesday February 14, 19 year old student Nikolas Cruz opened fire with an AR-15 at a south Florida high school as students and teachers fled for their lives, killing 17 and wounding another 15. According to the Sacramento Bee, the attack began just before dismissal and U.S. Senator Bill Nelson of Florida stated that the gunman had pulled a fire alarm and threw smoke bombs while equipped with a gas mask and opened fire into the crowd.


A dozen were killed inside the buildings, two on school grounds, and another on a road nearby. Many were taken to nearby hospitals for surgery and unfortunately two more died while getting medical help. Cruz was able to make it off campus before he was taken into custody. No one is sure of his motivation but students and teachers say that he has always been infatuated with weapons and was seen as a loner. Teachers say that he had been a threat to the students in the past to the point that he was not allowed to bring a backpack onto the campus.

Biathlon by Maddy Ziegler, Jenna Campbell, Amanda Lamparter

The biathlon, originally a way to train Norwegian military, has become one of the most popular and competitive sports in the winter Olympics. It started with Norwegian skiing regiments in the 18th ...more

Figure Skating By Sam Johnson, Mason Ziegler, and Jake Coleman

Figure skating is an ice skating competition that is performed internationally at all levels. While figure skating is now a competition in the Olympics, it started as just simple ice skating.

In ...more

Iron Works by Maddy Ziegler

On September 1st 2011, Scott Ziegler opened a new fitness center on Main street in Georgetown called Ironworks fitness. The facility, containing cardio equipment, free weights, and pulley machines, ...more

Battling the Elements by Riley Larson

During the 2014 summer that held record temperatures in the 100’s, a group of freshman began a consistent summertime career. This career was property management for one of the wealthiest ...more

Chris Campbell’s Career Cbec By: Jenna Campbell

Chris Campbell is a loving husband, caring father of three kids, an eco- hydrologist, and technical director of the Cbec Eco Engineering located in West Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Petaluma, and the ...more

Carnival Cruises By: Kassandra Richert- GSHS

Cruises are always something that people around the world dream of experiencing. Recently Carnival Cruises has had a drop in price making it easier for people to book their adventure today.

This ...more

Grizzly Peer Advocate Class to Present at Teens Tackle Tobacco By: Jake Coleman

It is a yearly tradition for the Peer Advocates class to attend the Teens Tackle Tobacco convention in Berkeley, California.

However, this will mark the first year that the class gets the ...more

Working for the Government By: Kassandra Richert- Gshs

Veronica Richert is a single mother and has been for about 8 years. In those 8 years, she has had about 3 different jobs. Today she works in both the Capitol Building and the Legislative Office ...more

Olympic Snowboarding by Riley Larson John MacLatchie Riley Smith Mr. Larson

Although snowboarding is one of the most popular sports in the winter olympics, many people overlook some of the less popular snowboarding events due to the popularity of the halfpipe. There are ...more

Lawyer Life by Tyler Bingham

Lawyer Life

Kim Bingham is a lawyer from California.Before starting a legal career, potential lawyers will usually need to study an undergraduate degree, complete the Law School Admissions Test, ...more

Ski and Board Team Compete after Three Canceled Races by John MacLatchie

The Golden Sierra high school Snow Sports team has always done exceptionally well despite their small size. This year the team consists of four male snowboarders and two male skiers. They competed ...more

Career Spotlight Jodi Lamparter by Amanda Lamparter

Jodi Lamparter has been a teacher for about nineteen years and is currently teaching first grade at Georgetown School.

Mrs. Lamparter has been teaching since 1994. She didn't know she wanted to ...more

Interact Club Makes a Difference By Sam Johnson

Golden Sierra is home to various clubs that students can become a part of on their spare time. One of these is Rotary International’s 7th-12th grade club: Interact. Interact is structured similar ...more

How to Make Money on YouTube by Jairsen Aitkens

According to the website YouTube Creators, in order to make money from YouTube you must first follow these simple steps.

The first step you must enable your channel for monetization.

The second step ...more